About Us

About Us

Why We Are The Best?

BEST RELAXATION is synonymous with two words, each with its own characteristics having a special meaning to reflect our service and commitment to you.

BEST, because we are BEST at what we do and that is to make you feel completely rejuvenated after a relaxing massage. We are extremely proud of our team of carefully selected qualified and professionally trained masseuses and masseurs from Thailand who will tranquilize you with their special technique in the unique art of Thai therapy which has become the most sought after and popular spa treatments worldwide.

RELAXATION, because the moment you enter our specially designed sanctuary, your journey of tranquility begins. After choosing appropriate therapy from our wide selection, you will be settled in one of our specially designed serene rooms where our trained therapists will create the perfect balance of body and soul so that you leave completely relaxed and rejuvenated.

Our Special Offer

You owe yourself this moment

We are proud to introduce for first time in Dubai, the Detox Box to eliminate accumulated toxins from the body. There are many other benefits. We take great pride in our reputation in providing a holistic approach to massaging using high quality virgin oils in a clean and healthy ambience. We have separate areas for ladies and gents with private shower facilities.

We look forward to welcoming you to our sanctuary and say “Sawasdee Ka”.